Front Hood Protector

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Vehicle Front Hood Protector
Vehicle Front Hood Protector

A front hood protector is a piece of material that covers the front part of the hood,in order to protect it from debris such as rocks and gravel, which can be thrown onto the hood of the car. The hood protector is used to cover the front of the hood, because that is the area which is the most susceptible to the paint being chipped. Front hood protectors are commonly constructed, using heavy-duty vinyl, that won’t tear under stress. The hood protector is easy to install and remove. It can also be easily washed, by removing it and using a hose to remove any grime. The inside of the vinyl hood protector is typically made of a soft material that won’t scratch the surface of the hood. Front hood protectors are also available with front-end bras, which help protect other parts on the front of the vehicle, such as the bumper or fender.

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