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Front End Vehicle Bra
Front End Vehicle Bra

A front-end bra is a piece of material that is put over the front bumper, hood, and sides of the fender,in order to prevent paint chipping. These front-end bras help protect from rocks, bugs, gravel, and any other road debris which can bounce up and damage the front of a vehicle. Front-end bras are commonly made with a stretchy vinyl that can cover the entire front side of the car, without having any sags or pockets. The inside of this bra is made with a soft material, which won’t scratch or damage the paint on the vehicle.

Some new front-end bras are available in a clear film material, which does the same job as the regular vinyl material, but is less noticeable. The film comes pre-cut for easy installation. The clear film allows you to put protection in specific areas, for example, you may want protective film on your bumper, but not the hood or the side of the fender. This clear film can also be easily removed and replaced if it begins to peel.

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