Fender Flares

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Fender Flares
Fender Flares

A fender flare is an accessory which is attached to a vehicles fender,in order to prevent rocks and dirt, from damaging the side of the vehicle. These flares are also commonly used when a vehicle with a regular fender is using big tires so that the tires don’t stick out over past the rest of the vehicles body. It is used in this situation because it is also a way for manufactures to reduce production costs by not having to make different fenders for their vehicles that use larger tires. Many trucks will also develop rust on the inside of the fender and using a few of these flares is a good way to hide that while improving the looks of the truck at the same time.

There are many different style fender flares available on the market which makes matching one to your vehicle really easy. These different flares come in many shapes and sizes to accommodate a variety of sizes. Some flares can be less noticeable replacements while others can be big and bulky to give the truck a tougher looking appearance. The material used to make fender flares is normally a very durable plastic that can stand up to the beating given by rocks and dirt without scratching or deforming. Many fender flares that are more luxurious in appearance will be chrome plated to make the vehicle stand out more. Fender flares are usually attached to the vehicle with a strong adhesive tape but some of the heavy duty flares may involve screwing or bolting to the panels.

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