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Gauges & Accessories- Exhaust Temperature Gauge
Gauges & Accessories- Exhaust Temperature Gauge

The exhaust temperature gauge (also called an exhaust gas temperature gauge) displays the temperature of the exhaust system. By monitoring the exhaust temperature, the engine's temperature is also being monitored,in order to ensure the vehicle is not being driven with an overheated engine, which could lead to engine failure. As vehicles revolutions per minute (RPM) increases the amount of fuel injected into the engine cylinders increases, which causes the exhaust gas temperature to rise. Therefore the exhaust temperature gauge should be installed in vehicles that force the engine to work hard over a constant period of time; which are primarily vehicles that are equipped with after-market turbo boosters, or any diesel truck towing heavy loads over long distances.

The exhaust temperature gauge is the temperature of the exhaust, and the temperature is recorded using a pyrometer. The pyrometer is used to measure extremely high temperatures, and is typically placed on the exhaust side of the combustion cycle,however the position does vary from one vehicle to another. On automobiles with a supercharger or turbo system, the pyrometer is often placed within the exhaust manifold, and sometimes on the exhaust pipe. For large diesels that tow heavy loads, the pyrometer is usually placed after the turbine. Pyrometers are used because of its quick reaction time to temperature changes. Automobiles with turbochargers or superchargers have the possibility of the temperature to change quickly, if the air flow is blocked,therefore making an exhaust temperature gauge essential, for these vehicles.

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