Engine Water Pump Gaskets

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Water Pump Gaskets
Water Pump Gaskets

Water pump gaskets prevent fluids, which are traveling at high speeds, through the water pump, from leaking. This gasket is placed between the block and the water pump before the pump gets bolted to the block. Since this gasket is in contact with the block, it should be made from a material such as rubber that will not deteriorate or melt due to extreme heats. Many different size water pump gaskets are available on the market to fit the wide array of different engines produced over the years. The shape and size are both determined by the size of the block and the bolt location on the block in which the water pump is fastened to. Some of these gaskets may be as simple as a perfect circle, while others may feature multiple holes and bends.

When repairing or replacing a water pump, the gasket should always be replaced because it is almost impossible to get the same seal that was once created on the old gasket. A malfunctioning water pump gasket will leave coolant which will cause overheating of the engine and put tremendous amounts of strain on other cooling components in the vehicle. The most common method of detecting a worn out water pump gasket is to check and see if there are visible water puddles underneath the vehicle.

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