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Automotive Chrome Engine Water Neck
Automotive Chrome Engine Water Neck

An engine water neck is a device,which connects the radiator hose, to the intake manifold. The water neck is usually made out of steel or aluminum for increased durability. It also comes in many different shapes and sizes to fit vehicles of all different applications. They are categorized by the angle of its neck and the type of manufactures engine it can fit. Some water necks are able to swivel 360 degrees before it is tightened down which helps make a better bit between the hose and the water neck. A gasket and set of screws to bolt the water neck down will usually come with most water necks to help protect against leaks.

Getting a water neck that has a finish such as chrome will enhance its look in the engine compartment. When dressing up an engine, even a small part such as this will help provide a nice accent to other the other components in the engine. Most water necks are precision die casted and then polished before they get there final finish which helps ensure a perfect fit and seal.

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