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Valve Seals
Valve Seals

The valve seal is vital to the sealing of an engines combustion chamber. A tightly sealed combustion chamber will help keep a steady compression ratio that will ensure a more efficient running engine that lasts a long time. There are different types of valve seals that are located at the top and bottom of the engine. The two main types of valve seals in the engine include the upper and lower cylinder seal. They both help control oil flow to parts of the engine that need oil to operate. Different designed and size valve seals are available which will allow more or less oil past the seal which can be used for things such as lubrication or cooling.

These seals are circular and are made out of a rubber or fluoropolymer material. These materials help create a tight seal that can stand up to the constant temperature changes that occur inside an engine. This material is also designed to not downgrade over time from constant wear that passing oil or other parts can cause. Color coated seals are also a popular feature because it will ensure that the proper seal is being installed in the right location in the engine.

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