Engine Valve Lash Caps

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Valve Lash Caps
Valve Lash Caps

Valve lash caps are designed to fit flush on the end of a valve stem. Fitting the valve tip with one of these caps protects it from mushrooming, due to extreme amounts of wear and spring pressure, the valve receives. Valve lash caps are made out a very strong metal such as steel alloy which can stand up to all the abuse without transferring any damage to the valve. The valve lash caps are usually heat treated to help protect against corrosion.

When buying valve lash caps, the dimensions of the valve and other components around the valve need to be considered to ensure proper clearance is being accounted for. Having the correct cap can correct valvetrain geometry and provide extra clearance between the rocker arm and retainer. Certain caps are designed to ride further down the valve and other will be much shorter which is why it is important to match the cap up to the valve in which it is being installed. Some valve caps will come with a hole at the end which allows for easier installation and removal because suction is able to get released when removing the cap.

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