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Valve Guides
Valve Guides

Valve guides are used for each poppet valve, located in the engine's cylinder head. These guides help ensure that the valve makes a proper connection with the valve seat as it closes. Valve guides are tube shaped pieces of metal that are pressed into the cylinder head so that the valve is reciprocating inside it. Valve guides are also used to conduct heat which is created by the combustion process and the hot exhaust gasses being released. Valve guides are commonly made out of either steel or bronze which provides a balance between stiffness and wear to ensure a long service life for both the valve and its guide.

When valve guides begin to wear down, their ability to locate the valve and fit it directly to the valve seat is hindered. This means that the combustion chamber may not be completely sealed which can cause a loss in compression which ultimately leads to loss in engine performance. The height and width of the valve guide varies depending on the manufacture of the vehicle’s engine and the size/material of the valve it is being installed on.

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