Engine Valve Cover Studs

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Valve Cover Studs
Valve Cover Studs

Valve cover studs and bolts are used to secure the valve cover, to the engine block. Both studs and bolts are used to do this but many engine builders prefer to use studs because of their ability to properly position the gasket and guide the cover into position while tightening. These studs and bolts come in a variety of different sizes which can be used on any engine and can fit all types of valve covers. The studs and bolts come in many different shaped heads which offer different levels of accessibility.

Most of the time, valve cover studs and bolts will come in kits which will include nuts and washers will the studs, and the flat washers required when using the bolts. These kits will usually include the exact number of bolts or studs needed to replace all the old ones being used on the valve cover. It is common practice to replace all of the bolts and studs at the same time to ensure the proper sealing on all sections of the valve cover. These bolts and studs are made out of high grade steel that can withstand tremendous amounts of strain and temperature changes. A black oxide or stainless steel finish is usually used on them since they are what secure the valve cover. Valve covers are often replaced with a flashier upgrade which is why the bolts or studs have to be able to match the cover.

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