Engine Timing Degree Wheels

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Timing Degree Wheels
Timing Degree Wheels

Timing degree wheels are used when building, or reassembling an engine,in order to ensure that the timing functions are correct on the camshaft centerline, valve timing, TDC, BDC, and other components. Making sure all these components are timed correctly will ensure make the engine run efficiency and at maximum performance. Having a timing degree wheel is necessary for anyone who builds engines because it reduces the amount of time it takes to get the engines timing down. Using this wheel will also ensure the greatest accuracy than any other method used when timing an engine. The timing degree wheel does not require large calculations and math skills which makes it easy to use for the everyday person.

Many of these degree wheels are made out of a high grade metal and some kind of protective finish which will ensure that it is resistant to scratching or degrading in quality. Keeping this wheel in good condition is very important because a degraded wheel that is bend or has numbers fading may produce an inaccurate measurement which could throw off engine timing and possibly cause damage to components in the engine. To ensure that the wheel fits engines of all sizes, an adapter kit will usually be included with the wheel when purchased. Most timing degree wheels will come in a bright color such as blue or red to provide a contrast against the letting which will make it easier to read.

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