Engine Timing Chain Cover

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Timing Chain Cover
Timing Chain Cover

The timing chain cover is used over the timing chain,in order to protect the chain from any contaminants, which could degrade the metal. This cover is usually located on the lower front portion of the block which allows the chain and gears to be located near the engines oil that is used for lubrication. Keeping the chain and its gears in good condition will reduce the risk of a failure which would completely disable the vehicle until another chain can be installed. The timing chain cover can be made out of steel, plastic, or aluminum depending on the type of engine and its application. Most modern engines have started using aluminum or plastic because they are light weight and easier to manufacture than steel which is more common in older vehicles.

Timing chain covers come in many different shapes which vary depending on the size of the engine and the gears on which the chain rides on. Most timing chain covers are attached to the engine with bolts which will help provide a tight leak-free seal. For further protection from leaks and intruding contaminants, a gasket may also be used to provide a better seal in between the metal components. A failure of this gasket is one of the most common factors when oil is leaking from the bottom of the engine.

These covers are available in many different colors which can help dress up the interior of the engine compartment. Many aftermarket timing chain covers will also have the option to get a logo stamped or painted onto it which can help support your favorite manufacture or enhance the look of the engine compartment even more. It is common to find new timing covers in kits which will usually come with the cover, oil pump kit, bolts, and gaskets. These are all components that are near the timing cover and are recommended to be replaced whenever taking off the cover.

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