Engine Short Block

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Engine Short Block
Engine short Block

A short block is the portion of the engine that is below the head gasket but above the oil pan. Short blocks are usually purchased when upgrading the water jacket, piston size, and bore. Warps and cracks in a short block is a sign that it needs to be replaced. These cracks can cause loss of compression and can damage other parts in the engine.

There are many different kinds of short blocks that are made for many different kinds of applications. The size of the short block varies depending on how many cylinders are in the engine and how large they are. The quality of the short block varies depending on materials used to make the block. These blocks are usually made out a cast iron which is easily molded for those precise channels that need to be made in some parts of the block. Cast iron is extremely heavy durable since this part of the engine experiences constant wear and extreme heat changes.

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