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Roller Rocker
Roller Rocker

A roller rocker is a rocker assembly, which uses a bearing, instead of metal on metal. This needle roller bearing allows for a more efficient setup while creating less wear on the parts. Roller rockers can be used in both a pushrod and overhead cam engines which differ in design. In pushrod engines, the roller rocker employs the roller bearing were the rocker contacts the valve stem. On an overhead cam engine, the roller is used were the rocker contacts the cam.

With high tension being put on the roller rocker, a strong material that can stand up to all of the abuse is used. This material that makes up the roller rocker is normally aluminum which is extremely durably and light. Stainless steel is also commonly used on roller rockers because of its endurance when subjected to high amounts of stress. The material of the roller rocker must be able to stand up to the aggressive spring pressure and higher lift cams used in the engine.

The decrease in friction when using a roller rocker will create more power and a longer life for all the parts that come in contact with the roller rocker. The increase in power comes from the fact that the valve is allowed to stay open longer which allows for more flow. A standard rocker ratio is 1.5 compared to a roller rocker which is 1.6. The parts which will have an increase in their life expectancy when using a roller rocker are the valve tip and valve guide plates. Since a roller rocker does not create side loads on the valve, the valve guide won’t have as much work to do which will cause it to wear at a slower rate. The decrease in friction created when using a roller rocker will also get rid of some excess heat being produced when using a standard rocker setup.

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