Engine Rocker Arm Studs

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Rocker Arm Studs
Rocker Arm Studs

Rocker arms studs are two way threaded screws that are screwed into the cylinder head, which holds the rocker arm in place. Both sides of this bolt are threaded with one threaded side being longer than the other and a center area with no threading. The middle of the rocker arm studs will have a bolt like head which will allow for tightening when being put in the cylinder head. As the rocker arm stud is being tightened into place, it should not be able to wiggle side to side or have any unusual movement. This wobbling of the stud can indicate that the rocker arm geometry will be inconsistent once fully assembled.

The rocker arm studs are usually heat treated to a tensile strength of 200,000 psi. The metal used to make almost all rocker arm studs is a premium grade steel that can withstand the constant force and pressure that this part encounters. Rocker arm studs are usually purchased in a kit because when one breaks or needs changed, they should all be replaced to match the new stud.

Rocker arm studs are classified by their strength and size to help people choose the correct stud for their vehicle and application. For example, a high performance racecar will need a much stronger stud than that of a small commuter vehicle. When longer pushrods and valves are used, the height of the rocker arm should also be increased to accommodate for the larger components. Making sure the correct size stud is being used will help create an efficient system that can produce peak power.

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