Engine Pistons - Forged

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Pistons - Forged
Pistons - Forged

Forged pistons are made by inserting a die into a hot, (but not molten) ingot of aluminum, into a mold,and put under great pressure. The extreme pressure created when forging the piston causes the metal to be denser and have a uniform grain which will make it much stronger and less brittle. Most forged pistons will have low silicone content which makes the piston more susceptible to expanding when subjected to the extreme heats that are created in the engine. For this reason, the piston has to be smaller so that there is space for the piston to expand in the cylinder as the temperature rises. Having this smaller sized piston will cause fuel to get stuck in the piston rings which is bad for emissions and will pollute the environment more. Forged pistons will also rattle around in the cylinder when the engine is started cold. This is not just annoying, but it may also cause wear on cylinder walls if it happens too much.

Forged pistons are easy to manufacture which is why many smaller vehicle manufacturers will use them. Most custom builders prefer to use forged pistons because they are easily obtained and come in many different configurations which are great when doing something custom. Since forged pistons are denser and less brittle, they are commonly used in extremely high powered vehicles that create more pounding and a larger detonation. With forging becoming more of an option, more and more aftermarket piston that are forged are becoming available.

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