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Piston - Cast
Piston - Cast

A piston that is casted is the most common piston type,due to its simplistic design. Since this piston is casted, it can be easily mass produced by vehicles manufacturers while ensuring quality which can help provide a cheaper price that most other methods of making a piston. Pistons that are casted are also easily made with silicone which is the element that helps keep the piston from expanding in the cylinder. With the proper percentage of silicone mixed in with the metal, there will be little to no expansion of the piston which allows it to be fitted more precisely into the cylinder. This precise fit eliminates knocking in the engine when starting a cold engine and it eliminates the buildup of fuel on the piston rings which leads to excess pollution being send out through the exhaust. Adding larger amounts of silicone to the metal will cause it to become more brittle which can lead to cracking in extremely high powered engines were there is a larger detonation.

Buying replacement cast pistons for a custom vehicle can be a challenge because the machines needed to cast these are very large and expensive so only large manufactures are likely to have the pistons for only their vehicles available. Casted pistons are becoming stronger and more durable while fixing many issues that have plagued engine performance over the years.

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