Engine Piston Wrist Pins

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Piston Wrist Pins
Piston Wrist Pins

The wrist pin is used in an engine,in order to connect the piston to the connecting rod, which in turn, provides a bearing for the connecting rod, to pivot upon, as the piston moves. This pin is normally a short hollow rod that is made of steel alloy which provides strength and hardness. This pin needs to be so durable because it experiences some of the highest temperatures in the engine with little lubrication due to its location. It has to withstand all of this while remaining small and light so that it can fit into the piston diameter and not unduly add to the reciprocating mass. To make a light and small piece of metal capable of doing all of this, the materials used are among the most highly engineered of any mechanical component found in the engine.

The piston wrist pin comes in two design configurations which are the semi floating and fully floating design. On the semi floating design, the pin is usually fixed relative to the piston by an interference fit with the journal in the piston. The advantage of this configuration is that only the small end bearings require a bearing surface. In the full floating configuration, the bearing surface is created between both the small end eye, wrist pin, and the journal in the piston. No interference fit is used in any instance on this setup and the pin floats entirely on bearing surfaces.

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