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Automotive Performance Chips
Automotive Performance Chips

Performance chips are made by aftermarket companies, and are used to boost engine power, economy, or durability. There is a chip in the engine control unit (ECU) that holds all of the programmed operating values; the performance chip replaces that chip. The operating values in the performance chip will contain values that result in higher fuel rates during certain driving conditions. They use more aggressive settings in the fuel maps of their performance chips to increase the output, it can be used in a variety of applications from racing to towing performance for additional horsepower and torque.

By enriching fuel delivery to key areas, increasing transmission pressure, improving the timing of the pistons, adjusting the shift points and RPM's on a manual transmission vehicle, and controlling the vital function of the cooling fan, performance chips promote faster fuel consumption and greater horsepower, adding anywhere from 10 - 20 hp. Available in a couple different types, including chips that plug into your on-board diagnostics (OBD) port, located under your dashboard, or chips that remain permanently connected to your on-board computer.

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