Engine Oil Pump Primers & Drives

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Oil Pump Primers & Drives
Oil Pump Primers & Drives

Oil pump primers assist the engine with starting.Since the first few moments that an engine runs will determine the wear patterns of the components in the engine, it is essential that it is started will an adequate supply of oil that will counter any large amounts of wear. Vehicles that have sat for a long time should be primed as well because the pressure of the oil has likely decreased.

Since oil pressure is built up by the pump that is connected to the camshaft, the engine will have to be on for a small amount of time without oil until pressure is built up. The job of a primer is to build the oil pumps pressure up without having to turn the engine on. This is done by connecting the primer to the pumps driveshaft and turning it like the camshaft would to build up pressure. Primers are usually spun by a drill or a old converted distributor since resistance can build up as the pressure increases. Once fully primed, the engine will be filled quickly with oil just like it is during normal vehicle operation. Primers come in many shapes and sizes and can even sometimes be homemade to correctly fit the vehicle.

Oil pump drives are used to connect the camshaft to the oil pump. Since most oil pumps operate better at a lower speed, a drive can be very useful because it can slow down the speed of the pump to about half of what the camshaft is running at. These drives can be used in many different styles depending on the type of engine being used and the location of both the engine and oil pump. Kits that use belts along with pulleys are very popular because they slow the pump the most. Drive kits that use a belt should have some type of backup system to run the oil pump or turn off the engine because if the belt breaks, pressure will dramatically decrease which can cause serious damage to the engine.

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