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Oil Pans
Oil Pans

An oil pan is a detachable bowl shaped pan, which is made from thin steel, and is bolted to the bottom of the crankcase. The oil pan holds the oil pump which is responsible for keeping maximum circulation of oil though the engine. When an engine is at rest, the oil pan will gather all the oil as it flows down from the sides of the crankcase.

The bottom of the oil pan has an oil drain plug which can be used to allow old oil out of the system before putting new oil in the system. The plug is secured into the oil pan my being screwed in. This provides for easy access and assembly which is necessary since this plug is token off to do every oil change. These drain plugs usually have a magnet constructed in them, which helps to collect metal fragments from the oil. A washer is common on the drain plug to prevent corrosion and stripping of the threads on the oil pan.

Oil pans are one of the most common sources of leaks on a vehicle since it is constantly having oil thrown around in it. Since oil pans are usually made out of thin metal, they should be maintenance with care to prevent any cracks or dings that could start a leak. A common occurrence of leaks on an oil pan occurs when the bolt holes are tightened too much which can cause them to lose their form and stiffness. Oil pans use a gasket in between it and the bottom of the engine block which will create a better seal than if the two metal pieces were just bolted together. This pan is secured to the crankcase using bolts or sometimes even studs. Using a stud is much more preferred because it ensures perfect alignment of the gasket and the oil pan before they are secured into place which will greatly reduce the risk of any leaks that may occur.

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