Engine Oil Pan Studs

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Oil Pan Studs
Oil Pan Studs

Oil pans can be attached to the engine block in many different ways. The use of studs to attach the oil pan is undoubtedly the most secure and proper way to attach it. These studs come in many sizes to fit the wide variety of oil pans out on the market. Studs are extremely popular in high performance engines that need constant maintenance because they allow the oil pan to be removed quickly without running the risk of doing damage to the block due to excessive tightening and loosening of a bolt. The stud allows for a more convenient and fast installation of both the oil pan and its gasket. Since this area is so prone to oil leaks, the oil pan may be removed allot which is why a stud is much more preferred.

Most of the time the studs are finished with black oxide and the nuts are finished with cadmium and zinc plated to resist corrosion. This is important since this area is subjected to temperature influxes and other sediments which may increase corrosion if it is not protected. The studs are usually made out of a high grade steel which can handle the strains that occur when a bolt is tightened. Oil pan studs are normally purchased in kits that include both the stud and the proper nut to fit on it. These kits usually come with enough studs to replace all of the old ones one the oil pan. Replacing all of the studs is common even if just one of the old studs is the cause of a failure.

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