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Oil Filters
Oil Filters

Oil filters are used in vehicles, and remove any contaminants from the engine's oil, before it is cycled back in to the engine. This ability to clean the oil allows it to be used longer in the engine without the need to replace it as often. Oil filters are usually located on the side of the engine block which makes it easy to access in case when the filter needs to be changed. Without an oil filter, particles would be able to flow freely in the engine which can cause damage to the engine and the components in it.

An oil filter works by creating a barrier against the flowing oil that is being circulated throughout the engine by the oil pump. As the oil hits the filter, it is squeezed through which will remove any debris or contaminants that are in the oil. Over time, these contaminants and debris may clog the filter which is why it needs to be replaced every time the oil is changed. A clogged oil filter will allow contaminants to flow into the engine which will scratch the cylinder walls and cause unnecessary wear.

Oil filters also protect the engine by preserving a tiny fraction of oil when the car engine is turned off. This is made possible through a device called the anti-drainback valve. When the engine is at a standstill, oil will drain into the bottom of the engine which will leave the moving parts at the top of the engine without the proper lubrication it needs when the engine is started again. This small amount of oil retained by the oil filter is quickly circulated to the top of the engine at startup to prevent any wear or damage.

There are a wide variety of filters available on the market today which can filter any kind of motor oil. These filters are also categorized by the amount of miles they can last before needing to be replaced again. There are filters that are made using paper filters and some that even use a cloth material as the filter. The types of materials used in the filters will vary depending on its brand and the type of oil being filtered through it.

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