Engine Oil Control Fittings & Restrictors

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Oil Control Fittings & Restrictors
Oil Control Fittings & restrictors

Oil control fittings and restrictors are used to guide and limit the amount of oil, being moved throughout the engine. Having the ability to control the flow of oil in the engine better will ensure that the engine is producing maximum power and experiencing the least amount of friction and wear. These fittings and restrictors come in a variety of different sizes to ensure a proper fit on any engines system. The internal diameter is also available in many different sizes which can be chosen depending on the desired oil flow and the components in which the oil in flowing to. When buying new restrictors and fittings, a new set of oil feed lines may be needed to accommodate the new diameter if it has changed.

Fittings and restrictors are available in many different colors which can help guide the person maintenancing the engine to where the oil that is passing through those fittings/restrictors is leading to. Buying these in unique colors is also a simple way to give the engine a more attractive look. Most of these fittings and restrictors are made out of aluminum or steel which provides added durability and resistance to corrosion.

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