Engine Intake Manifold Bolts

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Intake Manifold Bolts
Intake Manifold Bolts

Intake manifold bolts are used to secure the intake manifold, on to the block of the engine. It is crucial that these bolts are tight and fit properly so that there is not any leaks which may cause a loss of performance or even damage to the engine. Intake manifold bolts come in many different sizes to accommodate for the different sized blocks and intake manifolds out on the market. The heads of these bolts are also made into different sizes which allows for easier installation when having to install them in tight spaces. A washer is also used with these bolts which allows for optimum clamping pressures. The washer will also help distribute the clamping force evenly among the surface area of the intake manifold were the bolt is located.

These intake manifold bolts are often bought in kits that include the proper washer that goes with that specific bolt. These bolts should all be replaced even if only one of the bolts goes bad because the others may have been subjected to the same strains or stresses that broke the other bolt. Intake manifold bolts are usually chrome since they are easily visible on the intake.

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