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Intake Gaskets
Intake Gaskets

Intake manifold gaskets are designed to prevent leakage of the air-fuel mixture, which flows through the intake, and into the engine block where the injectors are located. This gasket is located in between the intake manifold and the cylinder heads. This gasket is made out of a malleable material such as cork or rubber that can completely seal of this part of the engine to prevent contaminants from making their way in or the mixture from making its way out. This material will also provide a more fitting seal that two pieces of bare metal would have an extremely hard time making. Engines that use a turbocharger and more modern engines are likely to have a thicker gasket that is more efficient at heat management.

Since the intake manifold experiences constant changes in air pressure, this gasket must be able to stand up to the constant changes without deteriorating. A leaking intake gasket will cause poor fuel economy, higher emissions, and poor engine performance. The biggest sign that the intake gasket is leaking is if the vehicle is constantly stuttering which is a sign that there is a lack of fuel and air making its way into the combustion chamber. The fuel-air ratio is crucial to a well performing vehicle and a bad gasket will surely disrupt this mixture. Intake manifold gaskets are simple enough to replace that a person with little knowledge of an engine should be able to do it.

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