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utomotive Engine Dress Up Kit
utomotive Engine Dress Up Kit

Engine dress-up kits desirable when doing a complete dress-up on all the main components of the engine. These kits are usually very large and come with all the pieces needed to make a vehicles engine pop out like never before. Some of the main components found in engine dress-up kits include valve covers, breather, oil fill cap, t-bar hold downs, air cleaner, oil pan, dipstick and tube, timing chain cover, and all the bolts and nuts needed to secure these components. Most kits will also come with grommets and gaskets to ensure that all the new parts are installed correctly and don’t leak.

Most engine dress-up kits are purchased depending on the brand and size of the engine that the parts are to be installed on. Buying all the parts in a kit will ensure that all the parts work correctly together and will eliminate the need to buy every part separately which can be time consuming. Engine dress-up kits also come in many different finishes. The most common finish for a kit is chrome but kits can be purchased with all the parts finished in many different kinds of colors to match the vehicle. Buying all the parts needed to completely dress-up an engine will normally be more cost effective than getting every part separate.

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