Engine Cylinder Head Bolts

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Cylinder Head Bolts
Cylinder Head Bolts

Cylinder head bolts are used to secure the cylinder head on to the engine block. These bolts are typically long since they run through most of the valve train on most engines. The actual length and amount of threading on the bolt will vary depending on the size and height of the cylinder head being installed. It is recommended that all of the cylinder head bolts should be replaced when taking off the cylinder head for repair. Replacing the bolts is important because these bolts are torque to very high specs which can cause the bolts to stretch over time. On engines that have seen a lot of use, it is almost guaranteed that these bolts have been stretched which can cause problems if they were reinstalled into the engine. Used head bolts will experience a decrease in clamping power which can cause improper sealing, cylinder head warpage, leakage, and other problems.

These cylinder head bolts are usually made out of a high grade steal so that it can stand up to all the tension encountered when torqued to the proper spec. These bolts are designed to withstand pressures of up to 170,000 psi which is why such high grade steel needs to be used. When buying cylinder head bolts, they are often found in kits which will come with the bolts, washers, and sometimes even a new head gasket which needs to also be replaced every time the cylinder head comes off to ensure a proper seal.

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