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Camshaft Lube
Camshaft Lube

Camshaft lube varies in thickness and pliability depending on the preferences of the person, installing the camshaft. Different lubes are also used depending on if the camshaft is being broken in, or if it is just being used for everyday use. Regular oil is one of the key lubricators of a camshaft once it has been broken in since it has good pliability and its thickness is just right. When breaking in the camshaft, a thinner lubricant can be used in conjunction with standard oil to make the transition easier. During the break in period of an engine, the camshaft and all of its components are more susceptible than ever to wear. The first few times that an engine is on can cause the amount of wear that years of running a vehicle can cause if it is not lubed properly.

The camshaft needs to constantly be lubed to prevent wear and to help keep all of the moving parts cool. On the camshaft, lube should be placed on the distributor drive gear and all of the lobes. Parts wear faster when not using a proper amount of lube because the friction created can cause the metal to rub down to a less attractive and lower performing finish. Excessive wear can eventually cause components in the engine to seize up which can destroy the engine all together or make for a large repair bill. This is all avoided and limited by a proper coating of lube and/or engine oil. Proper lubing of the cam is a messy job even when done right, but performance and longevity of the engine depends on a correct lubing of all camshaft components.

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