Engine Camshaft Lifters

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Camshaft Lifters
Camshaft Lifters

Camshaft lifters are cylindrical shaped metal pieces, which are located on the top of each lobe, on the camshaft. As the camshaft turns within the engine, the lifters convert the energy produced by the camshaft's lobes into a lifting motion that pushes the pushrod which is sitting on the lifter up. As the lifter goes back down while riding on the camshaft lobe, the pushrod will also comes down which will close the valve in the cylinder head. Certain high performance camshaft lifters will boost low-end torque and increase the engine vacuum and fuel economy on almost any style of camshaft. These high end lifters are usually accommodated by a camshaft that has smaller lobes which reduces friction between the two components.

The camshaft lifter is usually just a smooth metal base that runs on the lobe of the camshaft. This type of setup can create a tremendous amount of friction because of the two metals rubbing together. To reduce this friction, a hydraulic lifter can be used. This type of lifter has a ball or roller on the surface that runs on the lobe to reduce friction. The reduction in friction will make the whole process more efficient which will help create more power. Oil is also fed into the lifter from the engine block to further reduce friction and cause less wear to occur.

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