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Automotive Engine Breathers
Automotive Engine Breathers

An engine breather is designed to stop the return of toxic crankcase fumes, from entering back into the engine through, the inlet manifold or air intake system. If these fumes get into the engine, it can contaminate the fuel/air mixture and can cause the engine to run poorly. It can also lead to high fuel and oil consumption. The solution to this is to use a breather filter that can take the fumes away from the engine completely or only allow fumes back into the engine that have been cleaned of the oil residue.

The engine breather can come in many shapes and sizes depending on its application. Most engines the use a breather will use the style that traps the oil reside and sends the fumes back into the engine to be burnt off. Other engines that use a filter which allows the fumes to escape all together will usually have a little larger filter, but it is regulated in some areas since those bad fumes are being put into the atmosphere where it is bad for the environment. Engine breathers are common parts on an engine to dress up because they can be replaced easily. Most dressed up breathers are either chrome or painted to match the color of the vehicle.

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