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Block Rear Main Sets
Block Rear Main Sets

The rear block main gasket is the seal that goes between the back of the engine, and the transmission. This area is where the crankshaft in the engine attaches to the transmission to spin it. Since these metal components are so important to the operation of a vehicle, they have to be oiled which helps keep the parts cool and lubricated. This seals main purpose is to keep that oil from leaking out and to keep any contaminants from entering in through any tiny cracks that can occur if the transmission were just bolted to the engine without the rear block gasket. This gasket is a large circle which accommodates the flex plate in automatic transmissions or the flywheel if the vehicle has a clutch.

To gain access to the rear main block gasket, the engine or transmission has to be removed. Both of these components on the vehicle are large and heavy which is why this gasket is the hardest to replace on most vehicles. Since so much labor is required to replace this gasket, the cost to get it replaced is extremely high. Rear block main gaskets usually leak due to the old age of the vehicle which means the gasket is probably dried out and prone to cracking. Driving with a low oil level is also a leading cause in the cracking of this gasket because the oil that is flowing in that area is what keeps the gasket moist. A gasket that is not installed correctly may rub against the crankshaft which will cause it to wear faster and possibly crack.

Most rear block gaskets are made out of rubber since that material seems to work best on most applications that encounter a lot of oil. Other gaskets that are made up of a variety of different materials are also available to use as a rear block gasket. Using high quality oil will work best in prolonging the life of this gasket since it won’t allow as much sediment to build up on it which can cause deterioration. Since this gasket is so expensive and hard to get to, a special oil additive can be used which will thicken up the oil near the crack and slow the leakage.

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