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An emergency kit consists of basic tools, and supplies, prepared in advance, and used as an aid for survival, in the event of an emergency. Due to their importance, most vehicles have emergency kits, which have been factory installed. Common tools which many vehicles have included:

  • Screwdrivers:

A flat head screwdriver, or a Phillips head screwdriver,will be included in the kit, and these screwdriver's differ, due to the shape of their head. A screwdriver, which uses "bits" is a valuable tool for an emergency kit. This allows the driver to have a larger variety of screwdriver heads, without taking up valuable space in the vehicle.

Screwdriver set by Craftsman
  • Socket wrenches with Ratchet handle:

Wrenches are typically the most common tools used for auto repair. Most wrenches are available in both standard (SAE or Society of Automotive Engineers), and metric measurements. Most vehicles sold in the United States have both SAE, and metric nuts, and bolts. One socket wrench with a ratchet handle is included, however, it is recommended to have two, or more, different sizes.

Socket set by Craftsman
  • Pliers:

Combination slip-joint pliers are recommended to have in an emergency kit, however, may not be factory installed. This general all purpose tool can be adjusted to several widths, by operating its sliding pin.

Pliers by Craftsman
  • Tire pressure gauges:

Tire pressure gauges are recommended to have in an emergency kit, however, may not be factory installed. Proper tire pressure ensures, tire safety, and efficient fuel economy.

Tire pressure gauge
  • Booster Cables:

There are several types of booster, or jumper cables, available. The same measurement is used to measure a jumper cable's thickness, as is used, to measure other wire or cable. The purpose of a jumper cable is, to transmit power from a live battery, located in a vehicle, to a dead battery, located in another vehicle, allowing the vehicle with the dead battery, to be started. Thick cables transmit more electrical current, than thin ones. The standard measurement for the width of an electrical wire, is AWG (American Wire Gauge), 0 being the largest, and 40 being the smallest.

Booster cables by Die Hard
  • First Aid Kit:

First aid kits may be assembled at home in many types of containers, or may be purchased in pre- assembled kits. Standard kits are typically available in durable plastic boxes, or in a fabric pouch. It is recommended that emergency kits are stored in a clean, waterproof, container in order to keep its contents undamaged. It is recommended that emergency kits be checked regularly, and any items which are damaged, or expired, be replaced. Common items stored in emergency kits include, adhesive bandages, regular strength pain medication, gauze, and low grade disinfectant.

First aid kit

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