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Automotive Driveshaft
Automotive Driveshaft

Vehicles that have a front mounted engine, and are rear wheel drive, typically have a drive shaft, to send power to the rear differential, which turns the wheels. There are two main types used to accomplish this,which are the torque tube, and the more common Hotchkiss drive. The torque tube is a shaft with a single universal joint, whereas, the Hotchkiss type has two or more joints.

Most rear wheel drive vehicles have the transmission mounted directly to the engine, with the drive shaft connected to it, leading to the differential in the rear axle. When the vehicle is in gear, the rotation created by the transmission is transferred through the driveshaft, to the differential. In front wheel drive vehicles, the driveshaft is typically called a half-shaft, as two are required to spin each wheel. The two half-shafts are connected to the differential, and spin each wheel.

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