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Automotive Driveshaft Loop
Automotive Driveshaft Loop

A driveshaft loop is a device installed around the driveshaft, towards the front of a vehicle. The purpose of this device, is that when the u-joint fails while the vehicle is moving, the driveshaft will fall into the loop safely, holding the driveshaft off the ground. If the driveshaft falls and the vehicle does not have a driveshaft loop the driveshaft can make contact with the fuel tank, or in extreme cases it can pivot down and dig into the ground launching the vehicle into the air rear over front.

Driveshaft loops are available as universal bolt on or weld on and as custom fit applications. In most motorsports a driveshaft loop is required for the safety of the drivers as well as the viewers. This item is also often installed onto vehicles that never see the track but want to be cautious.

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