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Automotive Door Lock Assembly
Automotive Door Lock Assembly

A door lock is used to prevent unauthorized access into a vehicle. Door lock's are one of the simplest and most efficient forms of protection, that you can get for your vehicle. Some modern vehicles even come with child safety locks which make it so you can’t open the door unless it is opened from outside. This safety feature prevents children from opening the door while the vehicle is in motion. This safety door lock is also common in police cars to prevent criminals from escaping when in the back seat.

Almost every modern vehicle has an option to get power door lock's with a wireless entry system. This enables you to open the lock's using a key fob from long distances. Some cars also have a small keypad build into the door were you can enter a code which will unlock the door. All of these systems which can open a door without a key provide added convenience and security. Door lock's usually use the same key as the ignition so that you don’t have to carry around multiple keys which can be confusing.

A door lock on vehicle's is normally secured with the use of latches which enables the door lock to be hidden away inside the door panel. Inside this door panel there is a part which controls the lock called the actuator. The actuator is located below the key latch were they are connected by a thin metal rod. A second metal rod connects the knob which bobs up or down on the exterior of the door panel inside your vehicle to tell you whether the lock is opened or closed. The actuator controls the locking latch to determine whether to make it go up or down. Movement of the actuator in either direction can be done manually with a key, or automatically using a power source if you have power lock's. When the door latch is locked, the handle on the exterior of the car is disconnected from the locking mechanism which is why there is no resistance when pulling on a locked door handle. When the door latch is open, the handle is connected to the mechanism which will open the door when you pull on the handle.

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