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Dog Box
Dog Box

A dog box is a dog carrier, which allows a dog to be transported safely and securely. These carriers are available in many sizes, in order to accommodate any size of dog. The materials used to make dog carriers are aluminum, plastic, or steel. Metal dog boxes have a slight advantage over plastic carriers, because they are more durable, however, plastic dog boxes are also beneficial because they can be transported easier, and they are softer on the dog's paws. Since metal can have rough edges, most metal dog boxes have plastic or rubber pads, in order to protect the dog's paws.

Dog Boxes are available in many styles,in order for numerous dogs to be transported at one time, or toys and food can be stored in shelving, which is built into the carrier. Most of the bigger dog boxes are designed for trucks and vans with a large cargo area, while smaller dog boxes can be used in most vehicles. Large commercial grade dog boxes are typically used in animal control vehicles, while the smaller boxes are more popular for personal use. There are many features available for dog boxes such as, built in shelving/bowls, carrying handles, paddle handle doors, locks, and vents for air circulation. Having these features ensures that the dog stays safe, and comfortable.

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