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Gauges & Accessories-Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge
Gauges & Accessories-Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge

The purpose of the cylinder head temperature gauge, is to monitor the temperature of the engine's cylinders. Most vehicles typically monitor the temperature of their fluids, in the engine, however,fluids are not the only reason the engine may overheat. All engines have cylinders,and all cylinders generate high amounts of heat regularly. Since vehicles are operated by an internal combustion engine, it is likely that serious damage could be caused to the engine if any the engines components were to overheat,therefore, making a cylinder head temperature gauge essential.

The cylinder head temperature gauge for vehicles varies, between 140° and 340° Fahrenheit. As heat and pressure is produced, the iron and aluminum metals used in cylinder heads, continually flex and expand within limitations. If the temperature or pressure within the cylinder head were to suddenly increase,the gauge would alert the driver, that problems such as lack of oil, poor piston cylinder lubrication, damaged or loose fan belt, blocked cylinder head, or insufficient cooling to air intake,may be occurring.

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