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Custom Car Cover
Custom Car Cover

Custom vehicle covers are used,in order to protect a vehicle from things such as rain, ice, snow, dust, leaves, and bird droppings. Custom fit covers are designed for your vehicles specific year, make, and model to ensure the best fit. It is important when picking a cover that it fits snuggly and covers the vehicle properly. Custom fit covers are excellent at doing this because they fit perfectly over parts of the body such as the side mirrors, spoiler, and antenna. With a custom fit cover, you are guaranteed not to have any spaces left unprotected and exposed. Custom covers usually have holes in them to tie the ends of the cover together which ensures that it doesn’t come off and to help secure the vehicle from thieves.

Custom fit covers are usually made out of a stretchy material such as polyester with Lycra/Spandex woven into it. Having this material woven into it helps ensure that you get a cover that hugs your vehicle like a glove. The inside of the cover is made with a soft material such as cotton to prevent any damage to your paint. This extra layer inside also helps prevent small dings just in case something bumps into it while the cover is on. The materials that the cover is made with are all designed to be machine washed for easy cleaning. These fabrics are also designed to keep their shape over time, even when it is stretched over a vehicle for long periods of time. Most custom vehicle covers come in a variety of different colors so that you can contrast it with your vehicles color.

Who Makes This

Covercraft Industries Inc

Intro-Tech Automotive Inc

Rampage Products LLC

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