Cooling System Additives

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Cooling System Additives

A cooling system additive is a substance which is used in a vehicle to help keep the engine and its components running cool. Having a cool running engine is important because it leads to better efficiency and an increase in the amount of power the engine is capable of producing. Cooling additives are much cheaper to use than other methods of cooling such as adding multiple fans and it does not require any permanent modifications to your ride. Using a cooling additive instead of some other methods of cooling the engine is preferred because it has the ability to cool hard to get hot spots deep inside the engine. Cooling additives will ensure a clean running system which will extend the service life of both your engine and crucial engine components such as the water pump. Using a cooling additive in your engine will also help keep a balanced pH level to reduce the chance of corrosion buildup. Even if your antifreeze already contains surfactant additives, the use of these additional additives is typically beneficial because most cars are shortchanged on the 50/50 coolant/water mix recommended by most manufacture.

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