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Control Arm
Control Arm

The control arm is a triangular shaped suspension component, which pivots in two places. This component attaches to the vehicle's frame, and pivots on a bushing, which is located on the inside of the tire rim. The bushing is used between both metal components, in order to reduce vibration, rattling, and squeaking in the suspension. The shape, and design, of the control arms allow the wheels to remain straight, and perpendicular, to the road. The shape of the control arms are often referred to as "wishbone" shaped.

There are two main parts, of the control arms. The first, is the broad end, which connects to the frame, and spins on a bushing. The second, is the narrow end, which joins with the steering knuckle, which turns on a ball joint. Vehicle's typically have one or two control arms, depending on the vehicle's suspension. In order to prevent bending, or cracking, the control arm is made from steel, and coated with a corrosion resistant substance.

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