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Automotive Brake Upgrade Kit
Automotive Brake Upgrade Kit

A standard brake system is designed to enable a vehicle to stop,under its own weight. A vehicle with a modified drivetrain,which produces twice as much power is not going to stop as easily, as a standard vehicle. Brake upgrade systems offer the ability to increase the performance of a vehicles braking system. This is done through upgraded calipers,which have more pistons,in order to apply pressure more evenly, drilled,and or slotted rotors to dissipate heat generated,and reinforced brake lines, and pads that grip better.

A drilled and or slotted rotor acts as a cooling mechanism. Some rotors are just drilled, only have slots or have both. The use of these rotors gives them the chance to allow more air to flow inside and around the rotor which is necessary under heavy braking. The cooling will prevent brake fade that is associated with hot rotors.

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