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Automotive Steering Column Lock
Automotive Steering Column Lock

Steering column lock's are devices, which are fitted to the steering column of a vehicle, and protect the ignition switch and wires, from being tampered with. Steering column lock's are connected to the ignition switch which determines when the column should be locked or unlocked. Steering column locks were first introduced in the late 1960’s and immediately gained popularity. In 1968, the United States National Highway Traffic Safety administration passed FMVSS 114 which required manufacturers to install a device that limits steering wheel rotation which helps prevent vehicle theft. To meet these new standards, most manufactures started integrating column lock's into their vehicles because of its simple and efficient design.

A steering column lock is made using a 12 volt DC motor, drive gear, locking pin, and a micro switch. When the micro switch is activated, the steering column lock pin is set into motion and pushed down through a lock plate that has holes or slots to accommodate the lock pin. When the lock pin enters the holes or slots in the lock plate, it locks the steering column. Column lock's are freed up after the key has been put into the ignition switch and turned. Steering column lock's also help eliminate and protect ignition wires which can be tampered with. It is important that ignition wires are protected because they can be hotwired together to start the engine of the vehicle.

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