Coil Spring - Lift

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Coil Spring - Lift
Coil Spring - Lift

Coil spring suspension lifts, typically refer to the replacement of the vehicle's springs, which increases the vehicle's height. When the vehicle's springs are replaced, the extra height added ranges from 1” to 4”, which enhances the vehicle's "look", and increases its performance. Coil spring suspension lifts, increase the clearance between the tires, and the vehicle's frame, which allows the installation of large tires, without the tires rubbing against the vehicle's frame. Increasing the size of the coil springs is a desirable method used, when heavy components, such as a winch, are installed. Large coil springs have the ability to evenly distribute added weight, allowing the vehicle's suspension to remain level.

Installing coil springs is cost effective, because many original parts are used, eliminating the need to purchase new parts. Coil springs are available as a pair, and it is imperative to replace both springs at the same time, in order for the suspension to remain level. The material used to make coil springs is typically high grade steel, which is very durable, and has the ability to withstand the constant pressure put on the springs. Since the springs are prone to damage and corrosion, the outer surface is typically coated with a powder coat finish, which protects the metal.

After the lift of the vehicle is achieved, coil spring spacers are often added for fine tuning, and achieving levelness. Coil spring spacers, offer an added 1” to 3” of height. The ability of the coil spring spacers to fine tune a fixed height kit, in order to create specific clearance, is very convenient. They are also cost effective, for those who do not have a lift kit on their vehicle, but want to install the coil spring spacers on to their standard springs, for added height. Coil spring spacers are typically made from either metal or polyurethane.

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