Cargo Bars

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Cargo Bars
Cargo Bars

A cargo bar is an accessory that is used in trucks or vans in order to keep cargo in place while driving. These bars come in many sizes to ensure a secure fit against both sides of the vehicle. Some vehicles have cargo bars which have been factory installed. Cargo bars are typically used instead of rope and the bars are more convenient, secure and do not tangle like rope may.

The design of the cargo bar consists of a metal pipe with "feet" on either end, which are designed to grip the sides of a truck bed or a van's walls. These bars are designed to ratchet into place, with the pressure of the extended bar forcing the feet to stay in place. The feet prevent the bar from damaging the side of the wall or bed and they create traction which makes the cargo bar less prone to shifting. Once the device is firmly in place, the ratchet can be locked in place, making it secure. One style of securing the bar, is the twist method, which lengthens the bar as it is being twisted in one direction, or shortens the bar when twisted in the opposite direction. When the twist method is used to secure the bar, installation and removal is quick and easy.

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