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Automotive Carburetor Rebuild Kit
Automotive Carburetor Rebuild Kit

Carburetor rebuild kits are sets that come with everything needed to rebuild a carburetor. These sets typically include gaskets, jets, springs, needles & seats, nuts, and screws. All of these components in the carburetor are prone to deterioration over time. The carburetor gaskets are also subject to temperature extremes, which can cause them to leak over time. The needle and seat use a rubber circle, which is wrapped around the needle,in order to make a snug connection to the seat. This piece of rubber will deteriorate over time, which can cause uncontrollable leaks of fuel into the float bowl.

Carburetor kits are available in a basic kit, or an overhaul kit. The basic kit is used if you are rebuilding a carburetor that is in decent shape, but needs some parts replaced. The overhaul kit is used in cars that are getting completely rebuilt, and have carburetors that are in bad condition with almost all internal parts needing to be replaced.

When buying a carburetor kit, the model and id of the carburetor must be compatible with the parts in the kit. Knowing whether the carburetor being worked on operates using a manual or electric choke is also needed when buying a carburetor kit. Making sure the throttle plates turn in the same direction on the kit's parts as they do on the carburetor should also be taken into consideration when purchasing a kit. Almost every carburetor kit comes with different parts,which are many sizes, which is why making sure you get the right kit to fit the carburetor being worked on is essential.

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