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Automotive Carburetor Power Valve
Automotive Carburetor Power Valve

A carburetor power valve is a switch, which is used in order to control the flow of fuel,and make an engine more efficient,while increasing fuel economy. The power valve works using a spring and vacuum diaphragm,which determines when the switch is opened or closed. The power valve is left shut at low engine speeds because the vacuum is stronger, which does not allow the valve to open up. When the vehicle is at full throttle, the vacuum in the engine is not strong. This allows the valve to open, which allows more fuel to be released along with the jets, which are also releasing fuel. The power valve is designed to make sure the engine never has a lean mixture of gas and air at both full throttle, and at idle.

After a valve is opened, fuel is directed through a small precise orifice in the metering block, called the power valve channel restrictor. This restrictor determines the amount of additional fuel, which needs to be delivered to the engine. A power valve allows the carburetor to operate with a much leaner main circuit jetting. This helps fuel economy when the throttle is not fully engaged. The power valve and jets work together,in oder to ensure that the engine is getting the richest mixture possible, at all throttle points.

On two stroke engines, a power valve works completely opposite than that of a larger engine. On this type of engine, the power valve is always kept in the open position and only turned off at a set rpm. The engine valve is activated at a high rpm to extend the engines rev range. This helps capitalize on a two stroke engines tendency to rev higher, when the mixture is lean.

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