Carburetor Needles and Seats

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Carburetor Needle & Seat
Carburetor Needle & Seat

A needle and seat,are two pieces which work together, to control the flow of gas into the float bowl. When the needle is lifted off the seat, gasoline is allowed to flow and enter the float bowl. The carburetor seat, is a metal circle with a hole cut out in the middle. The seat is mounted and allows only gasoline to flow through the center hole which is cut out. The seat is typically made out of brass and can have different size holes to allow for different amounts of gas flow. The carburetor seat is the shape of a washer.

The carburetor needle is a long metal rod which is placed inside the seat,in order to stop gasoline from flowing into the float bowl. This metal rod is typically made from steel, so that it can stand up to the large quantities of gasoline flowing past it. Most carburetor needles are adjustable. There is also an o-ring on the needle, which is what seals the needle and seat together when they are pushed together. The needle moves when the float in the float bowl, drops below a set height.

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