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Automotive Carburetor Metering Block
Automotive Carburetor Metering Block

All carburetors use either a metering plate or metering block. A metering plate is most common in standard carburetors, because it functions well and provides good performance. Vehicles that are trying to get max performance may need options, which allow them to restrict idle speeds, emulsion bleeds, and have tunable power valve restrictors. A metering plate is not designed to do all of these extra things, which is why a metering block can be used to replace the plate. This block allows more room for customization and adjustments. Being able to tune this part of the carburetor is why a metering block is widely used in racing. Many metering blocks also have valves, which can be adjusted,in order to accommodate different setups.

Metering blocks typically come in kits which include the block, gaskets, pump arm, and screws. All of these parts are needed when installing a metering plate. Using the correct metering gasket is also important,in order to ensure no leaks occur. Metering rods are used in the carburetor jets, to control the amount of fuel being released. The rod's movement is controlled by the internal engine vacuum. When at full throttle, the vacuum signal is lost, which allows the rod to pull out of the jet. As the rod is pulled out of the jet, more fuel is allowed to flow past the rod and through the jet.

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