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Carburetor Jet Kit
Carburetor Jet Kit

A carburetor jet is a small pipe, with an opening at the end,in order to create a spraying effect. This jet is located in the venturi, which is at the end of the carburetor. The carburetor jet is used to release fuel into the carburetor, where it is mixed in with air, to make a mixture that the engine can use. The carburetor is shaped like a tube, and becomes narrower at one end,in order to create a vacuum. The narrow side of the carburetor is called the venturi which is where the jet is placed. The vacuum in the carburetor tube, allows fuel to be suctioned down, through the jet.

The amount of air compressed by the venturi in the carburetor is what dictates how much power the vacuum creates. When there is more power and suction, more fuel is pulled through the jet. The carburetor jet receives its fuel through the fuel line. Without using a jet, an unbalanced amount of fuel and air is delivered to the cylinders, because the air and liquid move at different speeds. If too little fuel is sent through the jet, the engine can misfire or stutter. If too much fuel is sent through the jet, the engine will become less efficient and can even flood.

Carburetor jet kits are available,and have many sizes of jets. These different sizes of carburetor jets are installed,depending on the application that the vehicle is designed for. The different sizes of jet heads,are designed to release different amounts of fuel,at different durations. Changing the duration or amount of fuel, that is sent through the carburetor is typically done in modified engines, which are seeking maximum performance. Most carburetor jets are made from brass which will not corrode, and can stand up to the pressure that the fuel causes, when it is being pushed through it. A proper working carburetor jet can increase throttle response and power, in a vehicle.

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